Boudoir for the Everyday Woman

Pittsburgh Boudoir Experience

Most of my clients are nervous just like you!

I get it! You've never done a shoot before. You may have been wanting to do a shoot for awhile, but never pulled the trigger. You were nervous. You weren't sure what it all entails. You were afraid you wouldn't like the photos.

I'm here to answer those questions of what a shoot looks like and how it's a game changer!

I promise to have your back from the moment you inquire. I provide all of my clients with a prep guide from how to pick outfits to how to prepare your hair and skin for your shoot!

I'll be in contact with you leading up to your shoot to make sure you have all of your questions answered. Preparation is key for a successful shoot which means you have the best day of your life!

PGH Area Boudoir Photographer

"Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates."


Woman having professional makeup done

Your boudoir experience starts with professional hair and makeup. My team will have you looking and feeling your best. We send all of our clients a form to make sure we give you the look you want.

Shoots last roughly 2 hours. I will guide you on how to pose. 99% of the time I will demonstrate the pose for you. We'll talk about facial expressions and what to do with your face and hands.

When we are done with your shoot, if your schedule allows, you have the chance to come back and see your images the same day. You'll make your purchasing decision when you see your amazing images. Payment plans are available.

So what do you say? Are you ready to book your shoot and experience a day that changes everything?

Empowerment in Three Simple Steps:


Step 1: Let's Connect

Your boudoir journey begins with a personalized touch. Either use the contact button to reach out or schedule a 20-minute call right away.


Step 2: Schedule Your Session

Once we've aligned on the details during our initial call, it's time to lock in your session. Be sure to block off the whole day just for you to maximize your pampering!


Step 3: Revel in Your Confidence

You'll leave on Cloud 9 after your session and grab a cup of coffee while I edit your images. You’ll even be able to come back the same day to view your experience and order your products.


Wow!!! Karen & her make-up artist made me look and feel amazing. Like a rockstar. I really thought doing a boudoir shoot is not in my comfort zone...thankfully I chose to take a chance and try it out.

I am SO happy that I did!

Karen really loves what she does and it shows. I am beyond excited to give these pictures to husband as a surprise.
He is going to LOVE them! Thank so much Karen!

Don't let the excuses stop you.

I need to lose weight first.

You're prefect the way you are. I'll use flattering poses to hide the parts that make you anxious. (We all have them)!

I've never done a shoot like this before.

That's A-OK. I'll show you exactly how to pose and even talk about facial expressions.

I don't own lingerie and I'm not a girlie girl.

No problem-o! I have a guide and shopping list for all of my clients.

My clients are everyday women, just like you and me.

Don't let your fear stand in the way of a day that will change everything!