How Much Should I Expect to Spend on Boudoir Photos?

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Deciphering the cost of a boudoir photo shoot can feel like unraveling a mystery. Most boudoir photographers refrain from displaying their complete pricing online, opting instead to share a starting price to encourage potential clients to reach out. Now, let’s address the burning question. What’s the Average Cost of a Boudoir Photo Shoot? Let’s start…

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A Day That Changes Everything

Transformation. It’s a word associated a lot with a boudoir experience and boudoir photos. But what REALLY is the meaning behind the word transformation. And how does it relate to the outcome of a boudoir shoot? According to Webster’s, the definition of transform is as follows:Transform (verb) a. to change in composition or structure; b.…

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Life After Divorce

Pittsburgh Area Boudoir Photoshoot

Maybe you’ve recently gone through a divorce. Perhaps your divorce was years ago but you can’t seem to move on. Well read on to how a boudoir shoot after a divorce, not matter how long ago, can be healing and help set the tone for the next chapter of your life. Divorce should be looked…

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Best Boudoir Outfits of 2023

By nature I’m a reflective person. I love looking back at the year and celebrating the wins. 2023 was a fabulous year in the studio. We impacted almost 50 women and changed the way they see themselves with a boudoir shoot. In a world where women often judge themselves by unrealistic beauty standards, it’s easy…

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From Average to Gorgeous

Q. How did you feel about yourself before your shoot with Karen? A. I felt Average, like I’ve lost my looks and I can’t be sexy anymore. Q. How did you feel about yourself after your shoot with Karen? A. Gorgeous. It was so awesome to see myself glammed up and in outfits that made…

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The Biggest Myths About Boudoir

One of the biggest lies we hear about boudoir… You have to have a “perfect” body to do it! False! Fact: You don’t need to lose weight. Embracing your body and learning self-love is what we strive for. We won’t try to Photoshop every single thing you hate about yourself. Instead, we work around big…

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3 Easy-Peasy Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Boudoir photographer near me

I get it. Picking outfits for your boudoir shoot can be overwhelming. Well today is your lucky day because I’m going to give you 3 easy-peasy outfit ideas! What’s even better is all you need to do is to look in your own closet. I tell my clients to “shop their closet” before shopping for…

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Skyrocketing Confidence

How to Skyrocket Your Confidence with a Boudoir Photoshoot

After each of my sessions, I send out a client questionnaire asking for feedback about the overall client experience. I pride myself on constantly trying to improve my client experience and client feedback is invaluable. My clients are everyday women and I hope a peek into their responses will help you see you can do…

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How Far Would You Go?

How to Book the BESST Boudoir Photographer, Karen Bartos, in Pittsburgh

Let me ask you a question…How far would you go to make someone else’s dream a reality? What if you knew someone else wanted something SO badly and they were unable to make that dream come true? Infertility is something women don’t think about until it’s their turn to start a family. As a woman,…

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Have You Ever Wanted Something So Badly?

One of my greatest joys in being a boudoir photographer is being a part of my client’s journey and their story. Clients come to me for a variety of reasons. Emily came to me for a shoot to celebrate an upcoming anniversary and maybe more importantly, to document part of her journey dealing with infertility.…

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