Have You Ever Wanted Something So Badly?

One of my greatest joys in being a boudoir photographer is being a part of my client’s journey and their story. Clients come to me for a variety of reasons.

Emily came to me for a shoot to celebrate an upcoming anniversary and maybe more importantly, to document part of her journey dealing with infertility. I’m going to share a recent post she made (with her permission of course) because you can hear the emotion in her post.

“Three years is a long time to be wishing and hoping for something that Rob and I so desperately wanted. After losing what we now realize was our miracle baby, it had been a struggle to conceive since. With every pregnancy announcement, gender reveal, and birth announcement, came a deeper sense of resentment to the universe.

As a woman, there is so much pressure to get married and have a baby and when it doesn’t work the way everyone tells you it should, it can truly be defeating. I thought my body was failing me. So many times I blamed myself, my body. I had multiple tests (often painful both physically and emotionally) and Rob had his fair share. Thankfully, our diagnosis was the best case scenario (if there is such a thing), but it would mean we would need to go through IVF. I was terrified of all the things this would mean: hormones, injections, the cost, more testing, and potentially traveling out of state on multiple occasions for monitoring.

And now after endless needles, many hours of travel, a multitude of tears and most of all, money spent, we’re so grateful to be able to announce that we’re expecting our first rainbow baby. The best gift we could ever receive.

For everyone that is or has struggled with their own journey to conceive, I see you. You are so much braver than you ever thought you could be. There’s a light at the end, I promise. Everything you’re going through can and will be worth it, whatever the outcome may be.” Emily

When I asked Emily if I could share her story, she said absolutely. She has been very open and honest about the entire process of dealing with infertility and she said her photoshoot with me was definitely a part of her journey.

Where are you on this journey of life? What part of that journey would be captured in a boudoir shoot?

Hair and Makeup by: Sara Jenkins

Karen Bartos

My name is Karen Bartos and I’m honored to partner with women just like you to elevate your self-esteem and transform the way you see yourself. Through our collaboration, we'll create a safe and empowering space for you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your own magnificence. Together, we'll not only produce breathtaking images but also shift the way you see yourself, leaving you with a newfound sense of self-assuredness and pride.

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