So. Much. Fun.

SO. MUCH. FUN. – Those are the words she used to describe her shoot with me. Do you hear that? It was FUN and not just a little fun, SO MUCH FUN.

I hear from so many women that they love the work I do but they don’t think they could ever do it. I don’t know what women’s objections are when it comes to doing a shoot. Whatever objection they have my advice is this….She had hangups before her shoot but she had SO. MUCH. FUN. So tell that to your objections. Read a little more about her story below.

After every shoot I sent out a followup questionnaire. I LOVE reading client’s words about their experience. It’s not to make me feel good. It’s confirmation that what I love to do is making impact.

Q. How did you feel about yourself before your shoot with Karen?

A. Very insecure. Hated pictures of myself.

Q. How did you feel about yourself after your shoot with Karen?

A. Huge confidence boost. Never felt insecure once during the shoot.

I am still on cloud 9 after my boudoir experience with Karen. I am usually a very insecure person, and hate pictures of myself. During the shoot, I never once felt insecure. It was one time I ever truly did something all about me, and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. I left wanting to book again for the next day. Do it for yourself, if no one else. You will not regret it!

Karen Bartos

My name is Karen Bartos and I’m honored to partner with women just like you to elevate your self-esteem and transform the way you see yourself. Through our collaboration, we'll create a safe and empowering space for you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your own magnificence. Together, we'll not only produce breathtaking images but also shift the way you see yourself, leaving you with a newfound sense of self-assuredness and pride.

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