What Defines You?

Each and every woman who schedules with me has a different why for seeking this experience. They are all unique reasons. I always honor my clients wishes to have their story remain silent or anonymous. I’m honored that Erin is allowing me to share her story.

Her story is at the very core of how we define femininity – or how society defines it. Boobs. Breasts. It’s one of the many things that makes us different from males. As a mom, they are a way to feed your child. They could be a part of your body that your spouse/partners obsessives over. Perhaps they are a part of your body that you actually like.

How would you feel if suddenly one of the ways you define your femininity was gone?

Erin’s had two shoots with me. She said before her second shoot with me, she felt “incomplete.” After her second shoot with me, she said she felt “like a woman. Being able to see myself through someone else’s eyes allowed me to realize that despite my surgeries, I still got it going on – lol.”

Yes, she’s still got it going on alright. Here’s her exact words. As you read them, think about your story and how a boudoir shoot would transform you. I’m all about transforming the way you see yourself. I know a boudoir shoot can be a scary idea, but on the other side of your fear is freedom – freedom to see yourself in a different way.

“Having a mastectomy is an extremely emotional experience. I felt as though a huge part of what makes me a woman, what makes me desirable, was gone. I was flat chested, I was depressed, I was hiding my body. I asked Karen to help document my journey. I have had two boudoir sessions, one after my mastectomy, and one after reconstruction. Being able to see what I have endured over the last three years is priceless. She has allowed me to see my body through someone else’s eyes throughout my surgical progress. She helped me to realize that breasts don’t change your inner beauty. I am forever grateful to Karen for the wonderful gifts she has given me, both physical photos and emotional growth.”

I’m forever grateful to my clients who trust me with this process.

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Karen Bartos

My name is Karen Bartos and I’m honored to partner with women just like you to elevate your self-esteem and transform the way you see yourself. Through our collaboration, we'll create a safe and empowering space for you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your own magnificence. Together, we'll not only produce breathtaking images but also shift the way you see yourself, leaving you with a newfound sense of self-assuredness and pride.

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